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Jr. Church

Jr. Church provides young children (kindergarten through 5th grade) a short lesson and various activities including videos, crafts and Bible stories. This takes place during the 10:45 service.

Jr. Church Leader

Primary Duties

  • Prepare lessons and craft/activity

  • Facilitate teaching and activities for 2-10 children

  • Escort the children from and to the sanctuary


  • Must have clearances if 18 or older

  • Be prepared for a fast-paced half hour of fun ad teaching.


  • Once every 2 months.


  • Observe/help an experienced leader for a class or two

  • There are books providing the lessons and crafts/activities so preparation is not hard.

Everyone Involved

  • Sue Sansom, Leader

  • Gayle Krull

  • Darlene Brandt

  • Maggie Brandt

  • Chrissy Paxton

  • Sarah Pickel

Current Status

  • We need help

Please contact Sue (or at 717-421-3727) if you have questions about this ministry or about getting involved.

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