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Digital Communications

The modern world has changed with information being more accessible than ever before. The Digital Communications Ministry is new. It hopes to use digital channels like our website and Facebook to communicate what’s going on in the church and to attract new people.

Digital Communicator/Evangelist

Primary Duties

  • Keep website and Facebook up to date with events

  • Update website as directed

  • Upload files (e.g. bulletins and announcements) to website

  • Use digital channels to evangelize and invite people to church


  • You must have access to a computer and the Internet

  • You must have a good reputation on social media channels

  • You must be an adult

  • You must be willing to learn basic technical skills associated with website maintenance (you will receive training)

  • You must be willing to learn about using digital channels to evangelize and reach new people

  • A plus if you have any experience with communications or PR


  • Learning can take place as often as you’re comfortable with


  • You will receive training for website maintenance

  • As this is a new ministry it will be blazing its own trails

  • A great resource to start learning:

Current Status

  • Marilyn & Pastor Charlie continue to self teach and do as much as they can.  Help would be appreciated especially if you have experience in this area.

Please contact Marilyn Zahora with questions about this ministry or to get involved.

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