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Volunteer to serve youth

Thank you for taking an interest in serving. Volunteers are the backbone of every ministry.

To volunteer with our youth, you must:

  1. complete a volunteer application,

  2. get a criminal background check,

  3. get cleared for child abuse,

  4. complete the mandated reporter form, and

  5. get trained.


This is not merely Pennsylvania law. Our church wishes to do everything it can to ensure our Sanctuary is safe for all youth.

The church office needs copies of all clearances and forms on file. Turn hard copies (e.g. paperwork) in to the office. Forward digital copies to the Safe Sanctuary Coordinator. If you incur any fees provide your receipts to the office for reimbursement.

Clearances expire every 5 years. When yours are about to expire you will be reminded to renew them if you wish to continue serving.

Get cleared to serve.

Please get started with the criminal background check and the child abuse clearance steps today as these involve wait times the other steps do not.

We want your help, but we can’t accept it until you’re fully cleared.

Complete a volunteer application.

Read our Safe Sanctuary policy. Print and complete the application which appears as the last page of the policy.


Get a criminal background check.

Go to ePatch and click New Record Check to get started and then check the checkbox on the next screen to indicate you are an unpaid volunteer.

When the background check comes through, turn it in to the office.


Get cleared for child abuse.

Go to Compass and click Create Individual Account to get started.

When the clearance comes through, turn it in to the office.


Complete the mandated reporter form.

Print this form and sign it acknowledging that you’ve read and understand this FAQ.


Get trained.

If you did not attend a live training session please review our presentation about reducing the risk of abuse within the church.

While there is nothing to turn in, please tell us the date on which you reviewed the training presentation so we can mark our records.


Opting out.

If you have been asked to comply with our requirements, but you are not planning on or no longer wish to serve youth please tell us so we can mark our records.

You can always opt back in by complying with the mandated requirements.

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