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Church Clean Up Day - February 3, 2023

EXCEPT FOR VALENTINE's DAY, February is actually pretty boring, huh? How about a little "get-together" on Friday, Feb. 3rd at Church to clean the kitchen and FH and surrounding areas,(and any other random spots that may need some attention?) I'm thinking that 9am-2pm would be perfect!


There will be a nice big 'Job Board", you show up wearing your OLDEST clothes, choose a job, put your name beside the job, and go to it!  If you "swear by" a particular brand of cleaner, feel free to bring it along. Bring along a couple cloths and a bucket too, if you'd like.  (But we will have some buckets and cloths and spray cleaners and lysol at church for helpers, as well.)


It's always guaranteed to be a good time together, and you know "cleaning somebody else's house" is always more fun than cleaning your own! In fact, if you can, bring a snack or dessert along to share, we will probably need some "energy" breaks.

Any questions, please call Darlene at 717-566-3151 or email her at

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