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Thursday, JANUARY 25 / 7:15am

Blessings of Hope Food Distribution

We will carpool, as needed, from the Church parking lot to Leola, PA to the Blessings of Hope Food Distribution Warehouse.  There, our group will serve a 2 ½ hour shift (8:30-11).

It is not known EXACTLY what we will be doing that day, but it is a very well-organized, volunteer-friendly place. (and there are all types of jobs) standing, sitting, heavy-lifting, no lifting, etc.  You might be un-packing crates of miscellaneous items & sorting, you might be stocking shelves, you might be capping strawberries to get them ready for freezing or dehydrating, you might be repackaging donated bulk foods into smaller bags.  (This organization’s basic goal is to take in food that would have normally gone to waste, take care of it immediately, and get it out on the shelves so families can come in to “shop”…clients pay 22 cents/pound for what they put in their carts).  


As an added bonus, ALL volunteers receive a voucher at the end of their shift that allows YOU to shop in the warehouse as well.  You can pick up some things for yourself, things you see for neighbors and family members, and if you don’t need much for yourself, we can always pick up some needed items for the BLESSING BOX! At 22 cents/pound, it’s quite a bargain opportunity!

We hope you can join us!  Sign up at "Information Station" at the church.  We need at least 12 volunteers who are at least 12 yrs. old or older to serve in their Food Distribution Warehouse.


Find out more about their ministry at, God has really blessed their efforts!

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