Come as you are.

We are a Bible-believing church family.

We invite you to come as you are.   None of us are perfect.  There is only one who is and His name is Jesus.  He is the one we strive to follow.  Only He knows how to truly live.
Following Jesus is far more than going to church, but going is a good first step.  Join us in a service or at a community event if you prefer a more casual setting.
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Sunday Service
8:30 am — Blended Worship
9:45 am — Sunday School
10:45 am — Modern Worship

Location and parking

This Fall, we will continue our exciting message series:   GEN-EX: Back to Bible Basics.

We will continue reading through the Major Stories (that everyone knows, right?) in Genesis and Exodus.

On September 18, we will begin reading through Exodus.  Below is a plan that you can follow

to maximize your engagement and learning retention. How COOL is that!

If you are serious about your faith this is a terrific opportunity for you!

Come.  Comeback.  Bring your family.  Invite your friends.